S.  Alvas – artist 

      You can’t really tame what you don’t know by heart in the first place. And you can’t discover anything (real or new) without at least the smallest sacrifice from the beginning.
I could say that in a way my encounter with Aniel was like a deja-vu. At least for me. It’s like folding an origami, but instead of a sheet of paper life used layers of space-time continuum in this case. Maybe even higher dimensions collided somehow, who knows… Some deep memories reflected into each others far from our immediate understanding. She’s a shape-shifter, I’m a time-bender and for a moment there was some magic. We were pretty close for a while so she recently came to me with a proposal, that of having an artistic dialogue about intimacy, dreams, lifetime calling, longings, belonging and becoming, the usual suspects. She writes with flow, I draw with an eye closed and so you have a new book to engage in human mystery. Have a safe journey!

Nouria Nouri – actress

      About 30 years separate this moment from the time that a small, glass wearing rose became my bench mate, without me even wanting that. I didn’t exactly like her. She seemed mean and arrogant, for the most part. She was really smart, though, and knew the answers to most questions. In time, still, I managed to know her…the real her. She fascinated me, surprised me with the amount of kindness and gentleness she could muster and…in time…she became the friend everyone would dream of having. Nowadays, she doesn’t know the answer to everything, she’s shy but hot-headed and loves like a crazy. Throughout my life, two things stuck with me: acting and herself. When I’m on stage I feel alive. My passion for theatre burns within me since about the same time I met her. I wear both of them in me since forever and sometimes they…strip me of my energy, even disappoint me. But they never, ever betrayed me.