I was born, like any other human being, in a place, in my case: a small town surrounded by hills. A place that, after my first 14 years of life, became the lost paradise of my childhood.

      Each of us has a world built within with fertile soil from that paradise. I keep dreaming, looking for it. Dreaming that I shall live it again as an adult, that I will manage to live my life with the same joy, carefree and peace.

      I’ve looked for myself more in ideas, but I have mirrored myself more in people, praising who I am more than what I have.

      It is hard to find the right words to describe yourself without embellishing, without omitting or without lying to yourself.

      Someone once dared to see me as a “great, kind, warm, generous, young, crazy, gentle, wild, playful, tender, colourful, loving, beautiful soul”.

      Pay attention, please, just at the wild side!